10 Goal Approach

  • Learn nutrition​

  • Feed themselves

  • Secure income

  • Establish savings

  • Access healthcare 

  • Get an education

  • Obtain clothing

  • Acquire a sanitary latrine

  • Access clean water

  • Own a home


Our square-foot garden program teaches families how to get proper nutrition by eating a balanced and healthy diet. We teach families how to grow square-foot gardens; small gardens which may supply an adult with enough vegetables for an entire year. 

Our micro-finance program teaches individuals business management, budgeting skills, and how to  start or improve their own business. We also extend small loans to individuals who do not qualify for lending from traditional banks. Our average loan is around $17 USD, a meaningful amount in Madagascar, where the average worker often makes less than $3 a day. 


Overcoming poverty is a daunting task. There is an old Malagasy proverb that says "Together we are rock, divided we are sand." The first lesson we teach all of our students is how to form a team of like minded individuals to work together to escape poverty. 


We believe that all families deserve to live a life free of poverty. Poverty isn't a simple problem, but one with many different symptoms. That's why we use our 10 Goal Approach to attack poverty at its roots. By partnering with other organizations, we strive to enable each Malagasy family that we work with to meet these benchmarks and break the poverty cycle. 

Sponsor a Family

Sponsoring a Family provides:

  • A square foot garden

  • Tuition for up to 4 children

  • Educational classes for parents

  • A loan to start or grow a business