Only 25% of kids in Madagascar complete a secondary level education. Long travel distances, malnutrition, and high student to teacher ratios all play a part. Sponsorship solves these problems.


Those children unable to attend school enter the work force, often doing hard physical labor in rock quarries. Others are vulnerable to human traffickers who abduct children by falsely promising parents that they can help the children find better lives. These conditions lead to economic and sexual slavery. 


At Elevatus, we are dedicated to fighting this cycle of exploitation. Just $25 pays for one child's tuition, school supplies, bus fare, after-school programs, and lunches. This education enables children to break through the barriers which prevent them from escaping poverty. 


Over 50% of children in Madagascar suffer from chronic malnutrition. Many children have to stay at home from school to work in rock quarries to earn their meals. Sponsored children receive 2 meals a day. 

With student-teacher ratios in public school above 50-1 it is easy for students to fall behind. Sponsored students each receive an hour of tutoring a day in the subject they struggle with the most. Tutors track students progress in each subject. 


While traditional education is essential it does not prepare students for the reality of life in Madagascar. To prepare them to be self sufficient our students receives 3 hours of sewing instruction a week. This is the first of several trades they will learn before graduating high school. 

Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a Child provides:

  • Tuition & Tutoring

  • Breakfast & Lunch

  • School Uniforms & Supplies

  • Transportation to and from school