The Razanabary Family

The Razanabary Family of 6 Dad: Volasoa, 42 Mom: Joeline, 32 4 Kids: 10, 14, 15, 22

Parents Occupation:

Dad: Tax agent

Mom: Farming and raising livestock

Monthly income: 180,000 Ar (~$60 US)

Last loan received: 50,000 Ar (~$17 US)

They used their loan to improve their farm.

Favorite Activity to do as a Family: Go on Picnics.

The biggest challenge in their life: Affording their children's school tuition and bus fare. Grades: 10 year old grade 5 14 year old grade 10 15 year old grade 12 22 year old doesn't go to school anymore, he left school when he was in grade 12 but didn't pass his final exam. Which subject the kids like: 10 years: Science of healthy life 14 years: English 15 years: English Kids favorite hobbies: Playing soccer What the kids want to be when they grow up: 10 year old: English teacher 14 year old: Tour guide 15 year old: Tour guide


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