The Razanamaminosoa Family

The Razanamaminosoa Family of 5

Dad: Vero, 45

Mom: Hanta, 37

Kids (3): 7, 12, 15

Parents Occupation:

Dad: Bricklayer

Mom: Seamstress, Washes Clothes

Weekly income: 35 000 Ar (~$12 US)

Last loan received: 50 000 Ar (~$17 US)

They used their loan for tools and materials for making bricks and sewing.

Favorite Family Activity is preparing and eating nice food together.

The biggest challenge in their life is securing materials for work, paying school fees and tuition for their kids.


7 year old: grade 2

12 year old: grade 4

15 year old: grade 12

Kids favorite subject in school:

7 years: Reading

12 years: Mathematics

15 years: Malagasy

Kids favorite hobbies:

Singing, Tantara (playing house with rocks)

What the kids want to be when they grow up:

7 year old: Teacher

12 year old: Mathematics teacher

15 year old: Tour guide


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