The Razanatsoa Family

The Razanatsoa Family of 6

Dad: Myriame, 50

Mom: Bodolalao, 48

Kids (4): Andry-10, Nandrianina-16, Lalasoa-19, Oldest-27

Parents Occupation:

Dad: Farmer

Mom: Seamstress

Daily income: 10,000 Ar (~$3.40 US)

Last loan received: 50 000 Ar (~$17 US)

They used their loan to improve their farming by buying seeds and fertilizer, and also to buy some materials.

Family activity to do as a family: Watching soccer together and playing dominoes.

The biggest challenge in their life: Paying for school supplies and school fees​.


10 year old: grade 3

16 year old: grade 11

19 year old: grade 12

27 Married, doesn't live with his parents anymore.

Which subject the kids like:

10 years: Mathematics

16 years: English

19 years: English

Kids Favorite Hobby:

Playing soccer

What the kids want to be when they grow up:

Andry: Doctor

Nandrianina: English teacher

Lalasoa: Tour guide


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